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Cannot open links in Outlook

Switching between Rich Text and HTML e-mails

Starting Outlook in Safe Mode

Stop Outlook from Sending winmail.dat as an Attachment


Cannot Open Links in Outlook

This is a common issue with outlook, please run this Microsoft Fix-it designed to automatically fix this issue for you.


Switching Between Rich Text and HTML e-mails

The difference between HTML and Rich Text is the functionality.  HTML emails can contain more styling, as well as web elements such as images and links.  HTML email is considered a security risk because of its extendability, and there fore it is safer to use RTF (Rich Text format).

To switch between the two in outlook. Go to File --> Options --> Mail.  Once there select the "compose messages in this format" drop box and pick HTML or Rich Text Format.



Starting Outlook in Safe Mode

Sometimes Outlook has issues starting up, due to a faulty or corrupt plug-in, in these situations it is best to start outlook in safe mode to troubleshoot issues with bad plug-ins. Starting Outlook in safemode is easy, all you have to do is hold down the CTRL key while starting Outlook (double clicking the Outlook icon on the desktop),


and you will be prompted to run outlook in safe mode.  Once Outlook is in safe mode you can safely uninstall / turn off plug-ins, and restart Outlook in normal mode to see if the issue has been resolved.



Stop Outlook from Sending winmail.dat as an Attachment 

When sending email as RTF (Rich Text Formatting)  in Outlook, Outlook will attach a winmail.dat file (formatting file).  Sometimes the e-mail recipients mail client does not understand the formating file, and thus shows it as an attachment.  In order to stop this from happening you can force Outlook to send e-mails using HTML formatting instead of RTF (Rich Text Formatting).  See Switching between Rich Text and HTML e-mails in order to resolve this issue.






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