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DSL Setup Instructions


Windows 95/98/ME/2000  

Note: Do not follow these instructions if using Windows XP


  1. Before connecting DSL modem, insert enclosed software into CD ROM drive. The CD-ROM setup program should come up automatically.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions until the finish, your system will reboot near the end.
  3. After rebooting the setup will continue for a short period of time until it completes.
  4. Locate the Enternet 300 icon on your desktop and double click on it
  5. Type ORI.NET for the profile name
  6. Enter supplied username and password information
  7. Click next 2 more times and then Finish.
  8. Copy and paste the newly created ORI.NET icon to your desktop
  9. Double click on the ORI.NET icon, and choose connect.
  10. You should be online! If your connection ever drops, repeat step 9 to get online.


We understand these instructions are easier to some than others, please don’t hesitate to call 317-774-2100 for assistance with getting connected.

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