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 Cloud Backup Installation


Download and Install:

Once the download is complete, run the file you downloaded (backupsoftware.exe)


Installing StoreGrid

     1)  Click Next on the Welcome Screen


     2)  Accept Agreement and click next


     3)  Type in email address or servername@domainname for storegrid ID


    4)   Choose Typical Install and click next


     5)  Click Install


     6)  Click Finish to complete installation and launch the storegrid console

     7)  Some versions of Windows will require you allow access to the apache web service that runs as

         part of the backup software click allow when prompted.

Configuring StoreGrid

     1)  Launch the StoreGrid Console (bottom right of computer there should be a storegrid icon on the taskbar, right click on it and select "StoreGrid Web console")



     2)  Login with default user/pass of:     admin/admin


     3)  Select Time Zone


    4)   Important:  First thing to do on main screen is Add Backup Server which is listed in step #3 on

         the console screen.     Click Add Backup Server.


     5)  Enter machine name of:

step012 6)  After adding the backup server, you can close the "add backup server" window

     7)  Now Start at step #1 – Enter backup schedule name (example:  documents)

8) Step #2 – Select the files and folders you wish to include


     9) Step #3 – Enter encryption password - *** Very important not to lose this. You are unable to  delete or retrieve backup data without this password!!***


     10) Setup desired retention policies, keeping in mind the more retention, the more data storage

         requirements, and the more the bill will be.


     11) Step #4 – Scheduling:    Set to run daily prefer between hours of 9PM and 7AM


     12) (optional)  Step #5 – Additional Full Backups – Similar to retention policy, you can configure as you wish,

         however the more full backups kept, the more data storage requirements.               Set advanced

         Options as you desire.

     13) Click the Save Backup button


     14) Click on the Settings menu, and choose email settings to configure email reporting


     15) Fill out all the required information for your email account:  Start with smtp server and port

         number (for ORI accounts, port 587, SMTP auth required, email/password, auto

         authentication).  Fill out the recipient information, and what you want to report, and click save.

* You may need to talk to your email provider for appropriate server settings.



     16) Fill out the recipient information, (you can choose multiple recipients depending on the report) and what you want to report, and click save.


Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 317-774-2100 for further assistance or questions regarding setup

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