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ORI.NET's backup services provide secure, encryption, off-site backup and protection of data. Easy "Getting Started Wizard" to help configure backups. Silent mode runs backups invisibly in the background. FastBIT binary incremental backups reduce backup times and bandwidth requirements up to 99%!

Supports Dial-Up Networking, Internet and TCP/IP Network Protocols. Comprehensive, automatic backup scheduling for "hands-free" backups. Easy File Selection Filters mean you can easily select only your most important and crucial files. Encryption and compression for fast, totally secure backups. E-mail Notification so you know immediately if there is any trouble.

Our backup software is for SMB/s and ROBOs who wish to deploy a feature packed backup solution for.
You can backup distributed data from desktops, laptops, and servers to our off-site, secure storage

On-Ramp Indiana also helps you comply with federal regulations like HIPPA, SOX, and FINRA.

Pricing is as follows:

$99.00 professional setup fee (Includes remote setup of software)

FREE Standard Setup (Customer does setup of backup software)


Base Backup Service - Minimum $10.00 workstation or $20.00/server

$0.50/gigabyte storage/per month

SQL Database Plugin


MS Exchange Data Plugin



Includes Unlimited Backups (Automated Daily) Unlimited Restores (24/7) Includes 1 Software Client for your server


$75.00 for each additional client software installed

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