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Child Protection

This page addresses the internet safety issues of Adult Material and its presence on the Internet. On-Ramp Indiana in no way controls the content of the Internet. Some materials may be offensive to certain users and surely should not be viewed by minors. We have a few suggestions to prevent your children from accessing sites with adult content

First of all you can buy one of the following software packages that will prevent accessing unwanted content. There is also content permissions built into the Internet Explorer browser that can be used. Also we recommend that children not be allowed to use the Internet without parental supervision. The Internet should be used as a family recreational tool. Many people find that placing your children's computer in the family room allows the parents to keep an eye on and direct your child's internet usage.

On-Ramp Indiana is providing the following links to third-party content control software that will assist blocking children from viewing adult materials on the Internet. - Leading software provider of adult content blocking, parental controls, and much more!


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