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     The ORI Difference

ORI’S PRIVACY POLICY, We don't sell your personal information! We don't monitor your surfing habits. You would be surprised by what the big national broadband ISP's are doing.

FRIENDLY KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF. Our guys are the best! We do NOT operate a call center. You do not have to press 1 for English. In fact, we usually answer the phones ourselves.

NO AD’S OR POP-UPS from us. No advertising messages on the bottoms of your outgoing emails either.

HIGH-SPEED BACKBONE. We are small. We don't have the fattest pipe available but then again we don't need it because we don't have their customer base.  We are proud of our network and we try very hard to keep it running as fast as possible.

INDIANA OWNED & OPERATED. Our servers and staff are located completely in Indiana. We have co-location facilities in Carmel, Noblesville and Indianapolis.

WEB BASED EMAIL. Get your emails anywhere in the world. We have POP3, IMAP, Exchange & many other email service available for your needs.

SPAM AND VIRUS FILTERING. This software is completely controlled by you. Turned it off completely or set it to the tightest settings. Choose to received Daily or Weekly reports of quarantined items.

COMPETITIVE PRICING. We really want your business! We can customize a plan to meet your budget.

BRICK & MORTAR OFFICE.  We have a Real Street address, not a PO Box & We are not operating this out of the basement of our houses.

LONGEVITY.  We have been in business since 1989 as computer consultants and an ISP since 1996.  We are profitable!

We DO NOT have a call center in over seas answering our calls.  Our people come to work in our offices here in the USA everyday!

Do I need to say more....


We are computer people, We are not cable guys or phone guys.  We understand internet, programming, complex networks, security and computer systems completely.  We are nerds and are proud of it.


ORI Mission Statement:
It is our Mission to provide the best internet services with 99.995% uptime and to provide  knowledgeable technical support at a price everyone can afford!


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